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The Exhibit
The Exhibit


Grace (2017) drama, 48 minutes

The Mystifier (2016) drama, 16 minutes

The Empty (2016) drama, 9 minutes

Keeper of the Tombs (2015) Multi-episode web series (co-directed with Paul Richards)

Irvin (2015) drama, 20 minutes, (co-directed with Paul Richards)

Tenderness (2014) drama, 17 minutes (co-directed with Paul Richards)

The Exhibit (2013) drama, 11 minutes (co-directed with Paul Richards)

Rapture (2013) experimental, 10 minutes

4 x 40 second films (2008) video installation Leas Water Lift, Folkestone Fringe Festival

Mr and Mrs Pike Steal a Baby (2007) drama, 20 minutes (co-directed with Paul Richards)

Carnival (2006) experimental, 3 minutes

The Crusader (2006) drama, 23 minutes

The Finger Pincher (2003) drama, 16mm, 12 minutes